Alidropship 6 in 1 Add-on Bundle To Explode Your Sales – Save $63!

Alidropship 6 in 1 Add-on Bundle To Explode Your Sales – Save $63!

Before I introduce you to the Alidropship 6 in 1 add-on bundle, it is important to know that the advent and global spread of internet as leveled the way we do business today from our physical shops to online store popularly referred to as e-commerce.

With the internet at your finger tip, you are able to make purchases from the comfort of your home and workplace, but majority still fail to realize that they can make as much as $10,000  or more from the comfort of their home through dropshipping, i.e. acting as an intermediary between the sellers, logistic companies and your customers.

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Alidropship is a wordpress solution  for Aliexpress dropshipping bussiness. With alidropship, you can make use of the Custom Online Store, or the Alidropship Plugin for wordpress stores like woocommerce. With Alidropship, you can upload products from Aliexpress to your online store with just one click.

Personally, I always recommend the Alidropship Custom Store which is delivered as fully automated e-commerce solution and also include you getting a personal manager, help in choosing niche and lot more.

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For starters and current users of Alidropship custom store or plugin, I would like to introduce you to this 6 in 1 packed add-ons to explode your Alidropship sales. If you are just thinking of kick-starting your dropshipping carrier, these are must have add-ons to explode your sales right from day 1.

If you currently own a store and believe you are not making enough sales or want to do better and you are yet to have these add-ons, this might be the best opportunity for you.

Why Purchase The 6 in 1 Add-on Bundle now?

These smart add-on bundle can individually boost your sales in no time. Now imagine what they can do together! Benefit from the joint power of the six add-ons. You also enjoy the benefit of buying the whole collection for $145 instead of $208!

If you purchase the 6 in 1 add-on bundle, you get the following add-ons:

  • Social Rabbit
  • Countdown Timer
  • Facebook Business
  • Recent Sales Pop-Up
  • Google Merchant
  • Upsell

Social Rabbit

This add-on helps for auto-promoting of your website on most popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Though we all know the benefit of having a social media account and updating on it frequently, most people still don’t have time to work on social media.

Social Rabbit


This rabbit hops on every niche on your store and runs a free human-like posting for your store on social media. With this you enjoy the craziest traffic and conversion.

The outstanding features of the Social Rabit Plugin are listed below:

  • Integrates with the most popular social networks: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest
  • Finds popular content relevant to your niche and posts it in your accounts
  • Posts images from the prepared photo base
  • Adds descriptions, hashtags and links
  • Likes and comments on people’s accounts on IG to draw attention to your website
  • Ensures stable organic traffic and conversions growth
  • Works on autopilot
  • Runs non-stop 24 hours 7 days a week
  • Saves your time and money
  • Requires a couple of minutes to install

Countdown Timer

Countdown Timer add-on allows you to introduce limited-time offers in your web store which create a sense of urgency and trigger sales. This makes visitors to your site purchase products because of the need to beat the timer and enjoy discount on price of products, guiding against abandoned cart.



  • Create a sense of urgency to trigger sales
  • Run flash sales to convert more visitors into buyers


  • Profit from fantastic customization options and wide range of settings
  • Turn timers on and off with a simple switch
  • Place timers on all or specific products, categories and homepage
  • Restart timer after the end date
  • Edit number of discounted products that are available and sold
  • The plugin takes just a few seconds to install
  • Compatible with WooCommerce

Facebook Business

The Facebook Business ad-on allows you to boost your retargeting campaigns with Facebook. It is an efficient solution designed to synchronize your web store with Facebook Product Catalog and make your promotion experience as smooth as possible.

With this, you can be sure to re-target those that have visited your store via their Facebook and Instagram till they purchase the item from your store. This opportunity is just too tempting to miss!


  • Sell from your product catalog getting the most out of dynamic ads
  • Increase customer acquisition efficiency
  • Spark interest of your potential clients by reminding them about products they browsed
  • Drive more demand to your website


  • Create your product catalog in one click
  • Set up automatic product catalog updates
  • Create personalized recommendations to your target audience
  • Let people know about your web store by showing them your ads across devices they use
  • Enjoy clean interface
  • Compatible with WooCommerce

Recent Sales Pop-Up

This ad-on help you invite potential customers to purchase products that has recently been bought by other customers. Nobody wants to miss out on hot products and it builds trust among new visitors.


  • Boost your product discoverability
  • Add more credibility to your webstore
  • Make your website look busy and trustworthy
  • Create positive buying environment and customer appeal


  • One-click installation
  • Highly customizable: tailor color, font, placement and timing to your needs
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Compatible with WooCommerce
  • Choose any country, city and customer’s name to be shown in notifications
  • Pick all or some specific items you want to be shown in recent sales pop-up notifications
  • Randomize display time for a more true-to-life experience

Google Merchant

This ad-on is designed to help increase your presence and to allow your potential customers find your products on all google platforms.


  • Get ahead of your competitors by promoting your products with Google Shopping
  • Grow your customer base
  • Enjoy unlimited number of items in your feed


  • Generate your product feed in a couple of minutes
  • Select what categories to include in your feed
  • Easily assign your website categories to Google categories
  • Keep your goods up to date with the automatic updates option
  • Edit any product attribute if necessary
  • Compatible with WooCommerce


This helps to double and triple your conversion. When buyers are checking out on your store, it brings exciting offers that are so tempting for your customers to ignore.


  • Grow customers’ engagement and loyalty
  • Profit from showing upsells in the right place at the right time – in Shopping Cart and on Thank you page
  • Benefit from the seamless purchase flow
  • Enjoy an effortless way to drive more sales and multiply your profits
  • Encourage people to buy more items and make them happier with each one


  • Create offers based either on a single target product or a whole category
  • Choose whether to show a variable upselling product or a certain item variation for a quick ‘Add to cart’ action
  • Include coupons in the offer description
  • Add an unlimited number of offers
  • Show upsells on mobile devices
  • Spend just a few minutes to install


The 6 in 1 add-on bundle is a must have for all dropshippers that intend to make massive sales on their stores. It not only guarantees explosive sales but also ease operations on your store.

You will surely be convinced that the 6 in 1 add-on bundle is worth it, otherwise you can also select your preferred bundle from the list. But note that buying the 6 in 1 ad bundle saves you $63.

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