Alidropship Custom Store: The best for your dropshipping

Alidropship Custom Store: The best for your dropshipping

Alidropship Custom Store is a fully automated online dropshipping store made and customized for your business. This is the best way to make a good six-figure income in a month.


Yes, Dropshipping. It is a sort of supply chain management method in which the retailer instead of stocking goods transfers the orders of shipment details of the customer to the manufacturer or wholesaler who ships the goods directly to the customers.

Dropshipping can also be a direct and indirect means of earning extra income online as long as you take into consideration the product you choose, accessibility to the product, ready suppliers, and most especially choosing the right platform to sell with. ALIDROSHIP saves you stress.


Alidropship Custom Store

Alidropship Custom Store

Why Alidropship Custom Store?

  • It is a ready-made automated dropping store with full automated tools packed in with the Alidropship plugin. The tools help in searching for and importing your products. It also has pairing automation by giving you a chance to set your own rules, determine your price change and fulfill orders automatically
  • With limited time at your disposal, Alidropship shopping has a research team to research the perfect product for your region and demand also to help you develop a beautiful store while you focus on marketing your own product
  • Alidropship puts your own budget into consideration. With a small budget, Alidropship saves your money for marketing by developing on woo-commerce with their Dropship plugins
  • It has a marketing section that you rarely get with other dropshipping programs. It includes an option to share discount coupons with customers; an area can be set up for product reviews; there is also an abandoned cart feature that helps bring people back to the site.


What you get when you purchase Alidropship Custom Store

  • Custom made
  • Ready to do business on day 1
  • Alidropship help choose a profitable niche
  • A personal manager takes care of everything
  • Best pricing & lifelong support
  • No experience necessary

Deep niche research

Alidropship carefully selects and analyzes a niche for you by using Google Trends and Google Adwords. They ensure your niche is in demand now, have stable long-term resilience, and have the maximum potential for future growth. Alidropship will also analyze the competition and provide you with an in-depth keyword analysis.

Complete eCommerce solution

Before Alidropship hand you the new website they will import all your products and your shopping cart will be 100% ready to accept payments. Your website will also include an all-in-one dashboard for your sales, orders, stats, and activities. They would have thought of everything to help you manage your dropshipping store easily and effectively!

Payment Gateways For Alidropship Custom Store

You need not worry about payment gateway integration for your custom store, as Alidropship custom store supports payment gateways like Paypal, Stripe, PayU, Rave, and a whole lot of others. Click here to see the list of payment gateways supported by Alidropship

100% ownership

You are the full owner of your dropshipping website and you’re free to do whatever you like with it. You can customize it … add or remove pages … edit content … sell the site … or even give it to a friend.

Alidropship pricing

The pricing for Alidropship is fairly straightforward. After considering all the features embedded in it, you would surely know it is worth the price

Another important thing to note is that it is a one-time payment custom store. No regular charge for your store unlike some other e-commerce platforms neither is any percentage of your store income required. It is solely yours.

However, the only inevitable additional cost to pay is hosting provided to keep your website connected to the internet.

Another expense (though optional) that might be incurred is payment for some add-ons. If there is a need for some sort of special functionality through add-ons, some are free, others can rate up to $69:

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It should also be noted that customer support from Alidropship is provided freely as long as your custom was built by Alidropship and you pay for the WordPress plugin.

There is also a direct link to Aliexpress with the aid of the Alidropship plugin, through which you can easily import products from Aliexpress using 1 click.



How do you get your customer store?

  • Place an order for the Custom Dropshipping Store
  • Get a personal manager who will be in charge of coordinating your store project and will be answerable to you.
  • Discuss the details of what your demand should look like.
  • Do not forget to monitor the process each step of the way
  • As soon as the store is ready, your project manager guides you on how to manage and promote the store.

Conclusively, Alidropship offers a community forum to the internet with other users along with a full blog to learn about updates and tips that come from the company.

Get connected with the Alidropship custom store and enjoy a stress-free dropshipping.


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