Do you want to know how to make massive income online without trying too hard?

If yes, you are in the right place.

The advent and global spread of internet as leveled the way we do business today from our physical shops to online store popularly referred to as e-commerce.

With the internet at your finger tip, you are able to make purchases from the comfort of your home and workplace, but majority still fail to realize that they can as much as $10,000  or more from the comfort of there home through dropshipping, acting as an intermediary between the sellers, logistic companies and your customers.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is when an online store owner sells products to his/her customers without stocking them. The customers place there order, the seller buys it from a third party and delivers it to the buyer through logistic companies, without even having to see the goods. Isn’t that cool?

What is Alidropship?

Alidropship is a wordpress solution  for Aliexpress dropshipping bussiness. With alidropship, you can make use of the Custom Online Store, or the Alidropship Plugin for wordpress stores like woocommerce. With Alidropship, you can upload products from Aliexpress to your online store with just one click.

Alidropship Custom Store:

Custom store

With Alidropship Custom Store, your store will be created from scratch and a niche research will be done for you. A niche is the category of product you want to dropship, you will be saved a lot of headache, as choosing a niche can be difficult.

Features of Custom Store

  • Ready to do business on day 1
  • They help choose a profitable niche and upload at least 50 products
  • Personal manager takes care of everything
  • Best pricing & lifelong support
  • No experience necessary
  • Payment gateway preinstalled
  • SEO
  • Full time support

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Get A Custom Store

Alidropship custom store cost starts from $299 and is a one-time payment, no further fees required

Alidropship Plugin:

This comes in two forms, we have the Alidropship Woo version (developed for  WooCommerce themes) and the Alidropship plugin developed before the Woo version. The Alidropship plugin also comes with custom themes.

Depending on your personal preferences, skills and business aims, you may choose either version of the plugin. Refer to the comparison chart below to learn the major differences between the two plugins.

Source – Alidropship

I recommend choosing AliDropship Woo plugin if:

  • You already have a deep understanding of WooCommerce and are highly experienced in this field;
  • You already have a WooCommerce-based online store, and you need to fill it with AliExpress products in a quick, efficient, and effortless way.

I recommend choosing the original version of AliDropship if:

  • You are making your first steps in the whole eCommerce sphere and you don’t have a solid previous experience in the field;
  • You’re creating a brand new online store from scratch;
  • You are looking for a full-scale solution that contains all the necessary features in a single package and doesn’t require you to search, install and pay for any additional plugins and themes.

Please note that AliDropship original plugin is compatible with only the built in themes and does not support Woo themes. On the opposite, AliDropship Woo plugin works with themes produced by WooCommerce and cannot be installed with the built-in themes.

You can get the Alidropship plugin from their official site for just $89, your purchase will contain both the original plugin and the WooCommerce version.




Is Alidropship Worth It?

When you compare the price of Alidropship plugin or Custom Store with other eCommerce platforms, and also the flexibility it offers. I will say certainly that Alidropship is the best for your eCommerce business and dropshipping.

You get to pay a one time fee for your store or plugin and you can always rely on their responsive support staffs. I surely give Alidropship a 95% rating.

If it really comes dow to you selecting between Alidropship Plugin and Alidropship Custom Store, it all comes down with your level of comfortability. The experience and the support you get from Alidropship Custom Store is well worth it, but if you have enough expressing with designing and running a website, you can try Alidropship plugin.



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