DropshipMe : The Hottest Trending Dropshipping Tool For 2018

DropshipMe : The Hottest Trending Dropshipping Tool For 2018


Get Winning Products to Your Store

At one stroke, DropshipMe plugin solves several main issues that online entrepreneurs face when filling their Dropshipping stores with products: market analysis and niche research, search of reliable suppliers and promising products, editing product information and images’.

  • Vitaly Kukin, Head of Development Department at DropshipMe

If you use Aliexpress as your product sourcing platform or set up your Dropshipping store using the AliDropship or WooCommerce plugin, then DropshipMe is one plugin that should get you super excited.

Released this 2018, DropshipMe is the ultimate solution product inventory problems like low-quality marked images, wrong titles, and product descriptions. With its one-click button, you can use its free version to select and import up to 50 products from the thousands of best-selling products on offer.

Get Winning Products to Your Store

Still not convinced? Here are 5 more reasons DropshipMe is the Hottest 2018 Dropshipping trending tool and why you need to install it right away:


Real customers reviews

Rather than having to spend long hours scouring the internet in search of or re-writing product reviews, DropshipMe offers you real customer reviews that have been proven to have the potential of racking up sales by 400%.

Studies has also shown that online shoppers are 63% more likely to complete their purchase order when shopping on websites that have credible customers review.


Free version and no extra charges

Get Winning Products to Your Store

If real customers reviews cannot convince to install the DropshipMe plugin, then the free package offer really should. The free package allows you to import up to 50 best-selling products to your store, all with customers reviews.

What’s more, the plugin doesn’t come with extra or hidden charges. All packages require one-time life payment and also come with 50,000+ top selling products to choose from. It also comes with free WordPress plugins to manage your imports, and lifelong customer support.


Professionally edited images and titles

With DropshipMe, the hassles of finding and editing project images and titles are significantly decimated. For every product imported into your store, there are professionally edited images and a matching product title.

What this means is that you can easily create SEO-friendly product pages that have short and appealing product titles, clear and informative product descriptions, and images that have no watermarks.

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Recommended markup pricing

One really dicey part of running a Dropshipping business is being able to fix product prices without short-changing yourself or scaring customers away. To save more time on product pricing, DropshipMe offers recommended markup pricing that can be easily applied to every imported product.

Its pricing formula can be trusted because it has been subjected to in-depth research on current trends and demand, competition level, quality test, and viability of product promotion.


Trusted Suppliers

Suppliers are the backbone of any Dropshipping business. Without them, there will literally be no products or product delivery. To ensure that you do business with only the right suppliers, DropshipMe ensures that its curated products are sourced from highly rated AliExpress suppliers. It also validates suppliers via 23 criteria which include the duration of the suppliers’ activities, reviews, feedbacks, etc.

DropshipMe custom store made just for you.

You can also get a beautiful Dropshipping store, for as low as $299 and which is a one time payment. If you are not a tecky person, and have issues creating your Dropshipping or E-commerce store you need not worry. You can get a custom store made just for you for as low as  $299 which allows:

  • You save a ton of time
  • Get a personal manager that handles everything
  • No experience or special skills is needed
  • Lifelong support
  • You be given a high-demand niche

Get a Beautiful Dropshipping Store Made Just for You

Ready to get the DropshipMe plugin?

Now that you are convinced that DropshipMe is specifically designed to help grow and expand your Dropshipping store, you can download the DropshipMe plugin  or order the DropshipMe custom store at Dropship.me. Remember,the DropshipMe plugin is FREE!

Once installed, you can start using it right away. Simply run a product search, click the import button and start taking purchase. With DropshipMe, Dropshipping has never been easier!

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