DropshipMe vs AliDropship: Which is the Best for your Dropshipping Store?

DropshipMe vs AliDropship: Which is the Best for your Dropshipping Store?


From finding the most promising niche to choosing the bestselling products and striking deals with the most efficient suppliers, no stage in your Dropshipping is less important than the other. If every decision to be well-informed, then its best you understand ‘the all about’ DropshipMe and AliDropship before choosing any.

To begin, both DropshipMe and AliDropship are amazing Dropshipping plugins created by same developers. They are both designed to improve your Dropshipping store. However, their basic difference lies in their focus. Whereas AliDropship focuses on all the features that makes your WordPress-based site a functional Dropshipping store, DropshipMe focuses on product inventory.

What’s there to love about AliDropship?

The answer to this should be, ‘what’s there not to love about AliDropship!’

A WordPress-based plugin, AliDropship comes with two great options that are created to meet your Dropshipping needs. The first option is Alidropship Custom Store which includes a one-time payment of $299 for which the Alidropship team gets to not just build your store, but also help select a profitable niche, create designs based on your exact preferences and assigns you a life-time personal manager.

Well, if you are confident in your tech-ability, then you might want to go with the second option which is the Alidropship Plugin that comes with a one-time payment of $89 and offers amazing features like easy installation and customization, one click import of product from AliExpress, automated solutions for easy management and marketing, and of course, a wide variety of add-ons.

All in all, both options are excellent Dropshipping choices because they offer all the automation, customization, marketing, and managing features that you need to own a successful Dropshipping store.

Where does that leave DropshipMe?

DropshipMe is definitely doing great in its specialty, product inventory. Understanding how difficult and time-demanding finding best-selling products can get, DropshipMe is the ultimate solution that allows you to easily find, select, and import a wide range of best-selling products into your Dropshipping store.

Designed with a one-click import button, the DropshipMe plugin can be easily installed on your AliDropship or WooCommerce store. The free version gives you the option of importing up to 50 best-selling products into your store. Other amazing features of DropshipMe include:

  • Professionally edited titles and images

Rather than spend valuable hours editing product images and titles manually, DropshipMe offers you a wide range of professionally edited product titles and images. This makes it easier for you to create well-optimized product pages in less time and start taking purchase orders immediately.

  • Real customers reviews

Beyond titles and images, DropshipMe offers real customers reviews for every curated product. Using these reviews on your product page is sure to rack up your sales because (research shows that) product reviews from real customers increases sales by 400%. What’s more, 63% of online shoppers are more likely to complete their purchase orders when shopping on sites that have real customers reviews.

  • List of trusted suppliers

DropshipMe significantly decimates your supplier-worries with the valid list of trusted supplier it offers. The 23 criteria with which it screens suppliers ensures that you have to worry less about ‘running out of stock’ or customers receiving products later than expected.

  • Recommended pricing markup

Other than finding the best suppliers and products, deciding on the right pricing for each product takes considerable time and effort. To save you the hassle, DropshipMe offers you a recommended pricing markup that ensures that the products are not underpriced and that you make a decent profit on each product.


Ready to make a choice?

There is no doubt that your Dropshipping store will benefit immensely from using either AliDropship or DropshipMe plugin. Regardless which one you finally settle on, ensure that you stock your store with best-selling products. Likewise, sell at the best prices, deal with only the trusted suppliers.

But you should put in mind that DropshipMe has gone as far as:

  • Identifying the most promising niches
  • Searched for the best suppliers
  • Added only the best products
  • Edited product pages according to the best standards

With all these been done, you are guaranteed to have in store the best most promising products with high sales.

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