Dropshipping : Niche Store vs General Store?

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In Dropshipping, whether to use a general or a niche store remains the first question that comes to mind when commencing a Dropshipping business.

The success in Dropshipping business you will experience is cascaded on the choice made between a General and a Niche store.

This choice has remained the main reason many Dropshipping businesses encounter failure while entering the marketplace for the first time.

Are you pondering on Niche, General store, Dropshipping, Alidropship Custom store, Niche research, Alidropship plugin, Shopify or how to start marketing to customers directly?

Do you like to know the major differences between a niche store and a general store? What is the best model for your Dropshipping business? Read carefully to make your final decision on which path to follow.


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General Dropshipping Stores:

In a general Dropshipping store, you will find a plethora of niches or fields. With a general Dropshipping store or business, you will reach more people in an ephemeral of time.

Another amazing thing about a general store is its flexibility. Prospective buyers that ply on general stores are likely going to purchase something.

Even if a general store may not provide more profits, the stability it offers is beyond anticipation. An amazing example of a general Dropshipping store often contain items from a gamut of industries.

This can be found in computers, home & garden, electronics, clothing stores and much more.

Benefits Of A General Dropshipping Store:

1. Reach more people

2. Highly flexible

3. Able to try out several niches at the same time

Disadvantages Of A General Dropshipping Store:

1. Experiences more competition

2. Increased ratio of irrelevant traffic

3. Low order conversion ratio

Niche Dropshipping Stores:

In a Dropshipping business, products will never be stored or stocked. If a client needs an item urgently, you will have to forward this demand to the supplier. It is the job and responsibility of a supplier to deliver the the product your client ordered for.

When talking about a niche Dropshipping store, you are simply referring to a platform with a given field of operation.

For instance, “Hockey Women’s Outfits” is a great example of a niche Dropshopping store. In niche Dropshipping stores, everything marketed helps to target a specific demographic or group of buyers.

Benefits Of A Niche Dropshipping Store:

1. More filtered traffic comes to your store

2. Ranking is easy

3. It can easily help to convert buyers into sales

Disadvantages Of A Niche Dropshipping Store:

1. Unstable development pattern

2. Owners will have to engage in several trial and testing activities

3. Beginners may find it difficult to use

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What’s best for your Dropshipping business remains the first question you may want to ask at this juncture. If you will like to consider a beginner friendly Dropshipping business, then a general store is the best choice.

This is because general stores often allow several products from different niches that sell. A niche Dropshipping store will favor someone looking for precise traffic from promotions.

When considering profit margins, a general store is long lasting and stable while a niche remains high but relies on trends. With a niche Dropshipping store, you will be able to scale organically while a general store cannot.

With email marketing, upselling is simple and easy using a niche store. Upselling with a general Dropshipping store is by chance or luck. With this comprehensive information, you can make your final decision on the Dropshipping store to use.

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I recommend starters trying out a Niche store first, the best way to do this is to use the Alidropship Custom Store. A store will be designed for you, a niche will be chosen, you get a store manager and tips will be given on how to run your store.

This I believe is the best bet for starters and those that have been finding it difficult with their online store.

Please drop a comment if you find this post helpful. Thanks for reading.

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