In my many years as a digital marketer, I have met and seen a lot of people complain about how difficult it is to make money online.

In this article, I explain to you how easy that can be, and also five online business that can make you a minimum of 1,000 dollars monthly. There are lots of things we can do that can make us cool cash. Once we put our all into it and not take it as something simple.


Yes, you can make 1,000 dollars monthly. I’m not saying this because I want you to read my articles but because it is something I have tried and I’ve been able to achieve this and even more. The business world sometimes, have ups and downs, you can make a huge amount this month while you make a low figure (minimum of $1,000) the following month. Determination and consistency are very important here. What I’m saying is, no matter what you do, if you commit your passion, you can earn hugely from it.

I’ll be introducing you to 5 online businesses you can do and make a living from. They include;

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Dropshipping
  • Mini importation
  • Blogging
  • Ecommerce

These are 5 online businesses that you can do from the comfort of your home and make at least 1,000 dollars on a monthly basis.  Some people will think it’s not possible, in fact, when some people hear you out and you tell them what you do, they’d assume you are into internet fraud.

I have a friend and cousin who lives in Ibadan, Nigeria and is into affiliate marketing and blogging. Sometimes ago, while trying to secure an apartment that costs 500,000 naira (approximately 1,700 dollars) a year, he was denied the accommodation because he is not a civil servant. I smiled when I heard and wondered at the number of civil servants that can afford that in a year because that can only be afforded by politicians and Entrepreneurs in my part of the world.



Affiliate marketing simply means getting the authority to promote a product or service and in turn get a commission for every sale made. For instance, if I have a product or service I can render for 30 dollars and you approach me to help me sell the product or service for 100 dollars. You can advertise and market the product online and when anyone pays through your referral, I’ll keep 30 dollars and pay you 70 dollars.

The seller can also advertise online and tell people to come and register as an affiliate marketer and any sales made under such referral will earn the affiliate marketer a commission. This is how affiliate marketing works and it is something you can earn a lot of income from in a month.

I’ve seen people earn over 3,000 dollars from affiliate marketing in a month. You only need to be focused and find a way to advertise and tell people about these products or services. Once the purchase is made, you also get your income. Affiliate marketing is everywhere, you may not have noticed but it is everywhere e.g. Jumia has affiliate marketing, once you use your affiliate marketing link to order on Jumia or someone uses your link to make a purchase on Jumia, Jumia will pay you a certain commission for that purchase.

We also have Wakanow, it is a travel company notable for (flight, ticket, vacation etc.) booking. You can go to Wakanow and register as an affiliate. The next thing is to start telling people about it and let them do their booking through your link. Your link will be embedded in the advertisement, and you would be paid for every booking made through your link.

Another notable platform you may want to try is affiliate marketing is Afriliate.



Dropshipping is another online business you can venture into. The basic idea is not keeping large inventory and also eliminating the financial cost and risk of having to stock or pile up products that you might not sell. In dropshipping, all you need to focus on is marketing the products so as to acquire customers. This is usually done with the use of a website.

You’d need an e-commerce platform for product advertisement. For instance, you can contact someone who produces a product or a merchant on aliexpress, then have an agreement with him or her on selling or marketing his or her products. In this case, you are just a middleman listing the merchant’s product and taking orders on behalf of the merchant. When customers place their order, they make payment to you and you in turn pay the merchant.

The merchant will send the product directly to the customer using the details you’ve provided. This means you don’t have to see the product or have any personal encounter with the product. All you need to do is market the product, get customers, receive payment and forward the order to the merchant. Kindly note that you would have added your own profit to the amount listed for advertisement.  You can be in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, any country whatsoever and sell to any country of your choice.

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Mini importation simply means buying products from overseas at a very cheap rate and selling them at a higher rate. This is one of the most controversial online business that one can venture into due to some people’s mindset and experience with scammers. In spite of people’s perspective, this is still arguably the best online business.

Mini importation encompasses Jumia, Konga and other e-commerce stores. Some people who register their products to sell under these e-commerce platforms are also into mini importation. They buy these products from china, turkey and other countries and sell on these platforms. You have to order for a product from the country of your choice and ship it down to your home country for sale.

This form of business is very lucrative because there are some products that people will always buy. This includes health products, security products, sexual wellness products among others. These products fall under the category of products people like to buy discreetly which is why they are hot products for sale.



Blogging is another means of making money online. If you have the expertise, a passion or interest for a subject, you’re ready to start making money with a blog. With a service like Blogger (www.blogger.com, www.blogspot.com), you can start up your blog totally free. Blogging has various sections but you can focus on a niche.

For instance, you can focus on the travelling industry. If you have a passion for travelling, you can write on travelling to different states and countries, how to process visa, cheapest flight from Nigeria to the UK, cheapest international flights, travelling agencies etc.

Google will start ranking you when you start writing articles and you will become more visible when you are consistent. When people search for topics that are related to your article, your article will appear first if you are ranked high. There are several ways to make money through blogs, one of this is affiliate marketing.

You can write an article comparing three or more agencies or products that you have registered with as an affiliate marketer, stating their strengths and weaknesses with your affiliate link embedded in the article. Once, anyone clicks on the link to access their site and order for their product or service, you will get your commission.

Google Adsense, blog ads, etc. are also avenues to make money online. There is a portion on your site where you can allow Google to run an ad and once anyone clicks on the ad, you will be paid for that. That is another good way of making money.



E-commerce is one integral part of online business. You can build a site to sell whatever you can afford online. You can also, go to a very big store in your vicinity or community, tell them you want to sell their products online, add little amount to the cost, advertise online, sell the product and you can get your profit from the amount added.

Likewise, you can register and sell your products on Konga, Jumia, Amazon etc. you can start e-commerce with a little amount, you don’t have to start in a big way.

The businesses mentioned above are sure ways to earn 1,000 dollars and above in a month. The only limitation is your mind. Passion and consistency is all you need to succeed.



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