The Proven Way To Source, Buy & Sell Online in Africa: Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda etc.

CONTAINS... Every needed details and all questions answered from identifying hot products in China to securing a huge customer base

FROM: Fola Ajileye

Dear Friends,

I am an example of the Zero to Hero story. Don't be deceived, you have what it takes to make it. Fund is not a barrier, you too can start making it today with that Phone or Laptop of yours that has internet connection.

No matter your worth, there is a level for you.

If you think mini importation requires a huge capital and time, you are wrong. I am here to let you understand how a few set of people and I have been making over 500,000 Naira (137,000 KEN Shilling, 7,400 Cedis, 22,500 Rand, 4.8m UGX Shilling) monthly.

Why should you even listen to me?

My name is Fola Ajileye, I am an E-commerce Expert, a Digital Marketer, a Certified and Trained Negotiator, and an Affiliate Marketer.

About 6 years ago, I started mini importation with as low as around 10,000 Naira (450 Rand, 2,740 KEN Shilling, 150 Cedis, 97,000 UGX Shilling). 

No business loans, no capital or assurance of making my capital back. I hustled my way up through the ranks to make a seat for me as an expert. 

Today, I have a team of over 40 amazing part time and full time employees, while running one of the fastest growing ecommerce team in Africa.

And it's all because of God, Hardwork and the secrets I have been able to discover.

Wrong Line of Business?

A lot of you might have invested into mini importation with nothing to show for it. Many, like everybody else sells clothes and shoes. Items that have to do with sizes, colours and a lot of choices.

The truth is the market is saturated and with little or nothing to show for it.

Imagine you have a black shoe of size 45 to sell, but your customers kept demanding for black of size 43 or brown of size 45.

These are part of the issues I believe you have exeperienced.

Click play to watch the short video below for more details

This Blueprint is an 'over the shoulder', step-by-step program that takes a beginner with minimal or no knowledge in mini importation, and transforms them into a confident, capable and profitable mini importation entrepreneur.

Whether you have failed in the past with other courses or are just getting started today... 

This blueprint is designed to transform you inside and out through its powerful training program, mindset strategies and specific action steps (so you can spend more time with your family, travel the world, not worry about those unpaid bills and create true freedom in your life). No stoned is left unturned. 

This is the training you've been looking for.

Join today and finally discover how all the top mini importation juggernaut get on leaderboards, build incredible lifestyles and leave the "confused" competition in the dust.

Here's What You Get...

You have the choice of getting the eBook, Video or Both.

I have made it available in whatever form that suites you best.

The Core Training

  • 'Guru' Style Mini Importation Is DEAD! If you've ever felt frustrated at your lack of results and progress it's time for you to discover the flat out lies about Mini Importation that the 'Guru's' have been peddling so you can finally get into profit!

  • ​​Feel Like A Tech Dummy? Yes even you can grow a profitable mini importation business and not be a tech wizard if you follow this simple process which I reveal.

  • No Products? No List? No Problem! EVERYTHING you need to go from zero to earning your first notable income online then growing that to 6 figures - even if you have never done this before, don't have any special skills, and nobody knows you.
  • No More Overwhelm! Specially designed and tailored step-by-step sessions so you'll have zero confusion and zero overwhelm which means you'll finally get the long awaited results in little or limited period of time! 

  • Build Instant Authority! Commanding strategies to build instant trust with your customers (even if you are brand new) so you can make more sales and create LEVERAGE to free up your time.


  • ​Results WITHOUT Selling! Ever struggled with sales? Then use my 'value series' method to get people to love you and want to buy from you every time (Whilst everyone else look like greasy salesmen, YOU will look like Mother Theresa making you more sales!)


What You Are Going To Learn From Me:

  • How to Sell in and from any Country in Africa. Location is not a barrier.
  • How to choose the perfect Niche.
  • How to identify hot products.
  • How to market these products like an internet wizard.
  • How to source for the cheapest and standard goods in China.
  • How to get the product to your country within 24 to 78 hours.
  • How to run Facebook ads.
  • How to Sell your products using 5 different means.
  • How to Create Your Personal Website to sell your Products online. 
  • How to identify bad products.
  • How to have your name or logo branded on the product.
  • How to request for a sample product.
  • How to deliver your products to customer at ease.
  • How to make your customers buy again
  • How to apply Facebook advertisement to any business
  • You will also be getting lots of Bonuses

What Bonuses Are You Getting...?

All the added bonus will be given for free… when you purchase a product

Bonus Cost, $80– All Free (When You Make A Purchase)


Your guide to successful advertising on instagram


The ultimate guide to using facebook ads to get more leads and sales


Six simple steps to helping you achieve your dreams

Here's What Others Have Said...

Thanks to my Mentor Mr. Fola Ajileye, a seasoned, renowned E-cormmerce expert and one of the leading digital Marketers in Nigeria and Africa, whom by his expertise made  inestimable contributions towards the income growth of my company. With his teaching and guide, Elitebrook concept is rated fast rising because of numerous success stories attached to the company.


Fola Ajileye is one of my go to when it comes to e-Commerce and having worked with him myself I can boldy say he knows his stuff.



I have followed Fola Ajileye over years and his story has been astonishing, he has used his knowledge as a network administrator to influence digital marketing and ground breaking in ecommerce. Little wonder I call him Lord of Mini importation. His wealth of knowledge in Ecommerce has enhanced my own company making over 2 million naira in a year from his mentorship.


How Much is the Mini Importation Blueprint?

As you can see, the  Mini Importation blueprint alone is worth at least 200,000 Naira (3,000 Cedis, 9,050 Rand, 54,800 KEN Shilling, 1.9M UGX Shilling) in terms of the knowledge you are going to get.

​But you won't be paying anything close.

Right now, you can get the Mini Importation Blueprint at a discounted price of...

​8,000 Naira (125 Cedis, 360 Rand, 2,200 KEN Shilling, 77,600 UGX Shilling) only for the ebook


12,000 Naira (180 Cedis, 540 Rand, 3,300 KEN Shilling, 116,400 UGX Shilling) only for the video

You need both?

15,000 Naira (225 Cedis, 675 Rand, 4,120 KEN Shilling, 145,500 UGX Shilling) for both the video & ebook

To enjoy this Special Offer, take action below.

The Special Offer Expires in:

We have simplified payment so if you are in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya or Uganda, use the payment link where your country is inscribed. For others, you can make use of Nigeria. You will be charged the equivalent in your currency.

Alternatively For Nigerians

Step 1

You need to make a Deposit/Transfer into the bank details

Account Name: Odua Mega Deals & Links

Bank: Diamond Bank (Current Account)

Account No0091962071 

Step 2. 
After payment, send an email message containing

YOUR NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER, Proof of Payment and Date of payment to

or Whatsapp @ +2348025437091 (No Phone Calls please! Whatsapp Only)

As soon as we confirm your payment, we will forward you the package or download link within 40 minutes.

The Ball is Now in Your Court! 

The earlier you take action, the better for you,


Fola Ajileye

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