Shopify vs WordPress: Which Platform is Best for your Dropshippin­­g Business

­­Shopify vs WordPress: Which Platform is Best for your Dropshippin­­g Business

Shopify vs WordPress

Stuck between choosing Shopify or WordPress? Well, next to identifying ‘what products to sell’ and who to sell them to’, choosing the best e-commerce platform is very important. Truth be told, Shopify and WordPress have amazing perks but before you settle for either, here are 3 basic features you need to consider:



Owning a Dropshipping business is definitely an excellent way to make good money. However, it is never without its costs. Basically free, installing WordPress’ e-commerce plugin, WooCommerce, costs a minimum of $3.95 per/month for hosting fee. However, by the time you are done installing different plugins and extensions to help make it functional, you might have spent more. Choosing WordPress means that you either have a strong tech background or you are willing to get a techie to set up your store (which most times comes at a handsome fee.

In terms of cost, owning a Shopify store comes at $29 per month. Sounds like a lot but Shopify definitely give you a good run for your money by offering a 14-days free trial. Specifically created for e-commerce, it comes with many easy-to-use features like payment gateway, SEO-ready site structure, adjustable tax rates, Embedded Oberlo integration, checkout page, SSL certificate, tech support, responsive design, and a host of other services.

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Set-up time and ease of use

Though WordPress offers an impressive online support community and tries to simply the ‘installation process’, creating a store still demands that you have decent level of proficiency in coding and website development. In other words, the higher your proficiency level, the easier and faster it will be for you to set up your e-commerce.

However, if you don’t know to write a simple line of coding, then Shopify is your best bet in creating up your store in just a day. It comes with very easy-to-use plugins and offers a 24/7 customer support to walk you through the process of starting your dropshipping business.


Access and Control

Though Shopify comes with over 10+ store designs, unlimited storage option, offers 24/7 customer support, and can be used offline, it is a closed platform that only allows you to modify your store within the options that have been provided. What’s more, Shopify has control over your website and store data which include customer history, purchases, store performance, etc.

In contrast, WordPress is an open source software that comes with thousands of free and paid extensions that helps you set up your store to be as functional as what Shopify offers. This doesn’t just offer you limitless customising options, it also give you control over your website data and what ‘feature’ you invest in.

Having gone through these basic features and differences between using WordPress and Shopify as platform for business, it is also important you note that the best platform is simply one that easily fits with your ultimate business goals. In other words, if you never want to worry about the technical aspect of owning a Dropshipping website and simply focus on running your business, then Shopify is just the platform you need. However, if you don’t just only have the skills to manage the technical aspect of a Dropshipping website but also intend to scale your business into a reputable brand that will expand its operations beyond its current activities, then WordPress it is the best option for you.

Choose wisely and explore the limitless opportunities Dropshipping offers!

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