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Choosing  Web Host for your new site may feel tiring, especially in a country like Nigeria. I have been there myself, when I have to choose an excellent hosting provider.

Smart Web may already be on your list of Host, or you may be considering making use of them, that’s good. In this post, I am to enlighten you more about Smart Web.

If I will be blunt with you, I have had my own fare of issues with Smart Web, but it all got better when I understood their concept and how they work.

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What is

SmartWeb was born in 2004 to give people an easy, affordable way to get their ideas online. They provide domain registration, web hosting and cloud services to over 100,000 sites, blogs, and applications, and supports over 5,000 web designers, developers, content creators, small businesses and entrepreneurs with the power of the Open Source Software. They help people to easily start, confidently grow and successfully run their own business.

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Is SmartWeb A Good Hosting Company?

I started hosting with Smart Web in 2015, I have heard a lot of comments and read reviews about them. Just like a typical Nigerian who will always believe that any service provided by Nigerians will be substandard. Still, I decided to give it a trial. I bought my domain name and hosted an eCommerce website on it. It worked very fine, with the speed typically okay. The major issue I had then was not been able to login due to my IP being blacklisted. Although, this is mostly caused by me typing probably a wrong password. I generated tickets for those issues, which sometimes take up to 24 hours for those issues to be resolved. On a few occasions, I have to call and yell at them before issues with my site will be fixed.

With years counting by, I can say boldly that these issues no longer occur with them, they have a quick response time of an average of 1 hour to tickets generated.  I must say the speed is superb, and I can call it the BEST HOSTING COMPANY in Nigeria.

It’s important to let you know that I have tried a host of web hosting providers including In my personal opinion, I will prefer The cost of hosting is very much affordable compared to other foreign host and you need not worry about getting foreign exchange. Also, aside from generating tickets, you get to call and possibly hasten them to resolve any issues with your website.

They have over 30,000 customers and over 100,000 websites hosted (with at least 90% of their customers from  Lagos), compared to other foreign hosts that have as many as 10,000,000 customers is also a factor that you should put into consideration. Webhosting Plans

They have arguably the web hosting pricing that you can get from any web hosting company both in Nigeria and abroad. You can get a plan for as low as 4,500 naira a year which includes a 10gb disk space, 30gb bandwidth, and a lot of unlimited packages. You can visit their official site and click on web hosting to learn more.

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SmartWeb offers a host of hosting features that are expected of any web hosting company, including email (POP3 or IMAP), webmail, email autoresponder, email forwarding, mailing list, unlimited FTP accounts and lot more.

It also boasts of one-click app installations that enable allows you to install components such as Joomla, WordPress, Magento, e.t.c. on your website.

Its cpanel web-hosting interface also makes it superb to utilize all its features.


If you are in search of a relatively cheap and reliable web hosting provider, I will advise you to go for Smart Web, which I will personally based on my own opinion give a rating of 98%. Visit their official site to give it a trial and learn more.






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